Fixed Wireless

What is wireless Internet Service? Wireless Internet access is a way for you to connect to the Internet without having to go over a telephone line to connect. The connection is always on, whenever your computer is turned on. Transmission towers connect directly to the Internet transmit and receive data to and from your PC. Our fixed wireless connection should not be confused with an internal wireless connection at your home. The "wireless" connection with out service is between your home or business to one of our access points. The unit is installed on your building and requires a cable from the radio to your computer. If you are requiring a wireless connection in your home to connect to laptops, gaming systems or other wireless devices, it would require a wireless router sold separately.

Why do I need a site survey? Wireless Internet access requires a direct line of sight between the customer antenna and our access point antenna. Kit Carson now has the capability to provide access to areas where line of sight is available to the main Coop office. We will also determine if there is anything that may interfere with the performance of the equipment. We will also recommend the best place for you to install the Outdoor Unit, where to run the cable, and make any other recommendations.

What does the wireless equipment include? The wireless equipment includes an outdoor unit with antenna and mount, 50 feet of outdoor cable, an indoor unit with a power inserter and power adaptor that plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet. The indoor unit has an Ethernet port to connect to the Ethernet card in your computer. Customers may need to purchase an Ethernet NIC card if their computer(s) does not have an Ethernet port. The Indoor unit connects to the Outdoor unit through a special cable which we will provide.

How much does this service cost?

  • Two Year Contract $125
  • No Term Contract $200
  • Early Contract Termination Fee $200
  • Please call us for special pricing.

    Residential Entry Level - Asynchronous

  • Newbie (Up to .25Mbps) $25 monthly
  • Novice (Up to .5Mbps) $33 monthly
  • Student (Up to 1.5Mbps) $47 monthly
  • Home Business (Up to 2Mbps) $56 monthly
  • Pro (Up to 3Mbps) $66 monthly
  • Expert (Up to 5Mbps) $86 monthly
  • * Prices do not include tax


    Business - Synchronous

  • Small (Up to 2Mbps) $85 monthly
  • Medium (Up to 5Mbps) $155 monthly
  • Large (Up to 7Mbps) $200 monthly
  • * Prices do not include tax


    Entertainment - Synchronous

  • Surfer (Up to .25 Mpbs) $42 monthly
  • Surfer+ (Up to .5Mbps) $56 monthly
  • Streamer (Up to 1.5Mbps) $90 monthly
  • * prices do not include tax




    To Request a line of sight survey, download the form below:


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    Mail: 201 B Cruz Alta Rd
    Taos, NM 87571
    Fax: 575-758-4932